Pre-Treatment plants (VBA)

Pre-treatment plants are used to clean and prepare the blanks for the subsequent electro-plating process. Our pre-treatment plants comprise the following processes: Warm-process baths, cold-process baths and the intermediary rinsing baths. The blanks are transported on special fixtures from one bath to the following one in the sequence of the individual process steps. Our pre-treatment plants are divided into the following two areas:

Plating plants

Plating plants are process baths which are used for the plating of blanks.
here, the blanks are plated by means of electro-less or electrolytic (positive or reverse) processes and are studded with abrasive hard materials such as diamond, CBN, Al2O3 SiC etc. Our plating plants are divided into the following two areas:

Varnishing systems

Varnishing systems can be used for masking varnishing prior to the electro-plating process as well as for colour-ring coding of implant drills, milling cutters, grinding pins, etc. Our wide range of varnishing systems reaches from manual to fully automatic systems. Our varnishing systems are divided into the following two areas:

Water-cleansing systems

Cleansing systems are an important component regarding environmental aspects. Their purpose is to keep the process circuit clean in order to prevent any chemical residues from leaving the water circulation of the plant and simultaneously to ensure a consistent quality.


Fixtures play a decisive role in the plating process. The results and productivity of the plating process are significantly dependent on the fixtures. For this reason we offer the perfect fixtures for any case of application:


In this area you will find accessories for our plants:

Consumables spare and wear parts

In this area you will find all consumables which are required for our plants such as e.g. varnish, laboratory material, anode material, filters, tissue and much more.

Process chemicals

Process chemicals are the essential basis for any working plating process. Quality and composition of the single chemicals are a decisive factor for the results of the plating.